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The Wrindex

A unique newspaper index database on CD with over 560,000 listings of individuals participating in Irish Societies in San Francisco from 1849 - 1927.

Update January 10

Important News for Researchers!

Here's an Announcement from Wendy King, Librarian, Patrick J. Dowling Library, Irish Cultural Centre of California, San Francisco:

"Thanks to Thomas and Regina Wrin’s generous donation of microfilmed early San Francisco newspapers, census and city directories, patrons can research their Irish American ancestors that settled in the city as well as over 2,300 early Irish societies that existed here 1849-1927. Mr. Wrin’s Early San Francisco Newspaper Index (ESFNI) CD-ROM, available for use at the library, connects the researcher to the library’s microfilmed newspaper archives. Microfilm readers and printer, also donated by the Wrins, are available for use at the library. In addition, the library has microfilms and microfiche of various newspapers from other California counties, 1840-1860 Massachusetts census, 1861-1863 Boston City Directories, and Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston (Mass.) 1848-1891."

The above microfilm collection is the one used to create our The Wrindex and the Early San Francisco Newspaper Index CDs.

You can now visit the Patrick J. Dowling Library in San Francisco, look up a name or an Irish society you are researching on the ESFNI, note the publication and date of any mentions in a newspaper, go to the newspaper microfilms, and read and print the article. No tracking down the source articles in other archives or libraries - the microfilm is right there for you!  Here is a link to the Patrick J. Dowling Library's web site: www.irishcentersf.org/library  Please note that the library is open on a limited schedule and you should call before making plans to visit.


An invaluable shortcut for researchers of individuals, Irish Societies, or successful Irish voluntarism in early San Francisco. The Wrindex is an index of early San Francisco newspapers and other historical publications, referencing over 560,000 names and over 2,300 Irish societies. It can be searched by a person’s name or a society name; giving the researcher each mention of the name found, the society concerned, a brief listing of the activity which generated a mention in a publication, and the name and date of the source material where the complete article exists.

There are two ways you can explore The Wrindex database for your research: you can purchase a version of The Wrindex on CD.  Or, you can contact us and we can do a search for you.

The Wrindex database is available in two different formats: The Wrindex CD is for users who have Access ® database software already installed on their computer (this version will optimize your research if you know how to do custom queries in Access), and the second version, called the Early San Francisco Newspaper Index, is for users who do not have Access software - it will run on any PC with Windows® 98 or better, and it has been programmed for an easy one-step searching process. Both versions pull from the same original database. See our ordering page for more info.


Click here to see surnames mentioned at least 100 times in The Wrindex database.

Click here to see a list of Irish Societies referenced in The Wrindex database.






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